Going on Summer Holiday!



I am going on summer holiday from 25th of August to 3rd of September. Yay!!

During this time I am not guiding any classes at all, so at Yoga Rooms on Wednesday night and Friday night my lovely Strala sister Kelly will be guiding you Strala SWEAT classes. Unfortunately no classes at SnapFitness.

The other day I posted on social medias about “All about connection” that I felt after lovely classes at Yoga Rooms.  Repost here as well.

“All about connection”

Connect with your body… listen how your body feels, find agreement with movement.
Connect with yourself… listen how you’re feeling, take care of yourself. .
Connect with nature…listen and look how they naturally moving, is there any resistance? How they manage so sustainable?

Connect with the others… listen how they’re doing, simply look how they are without criticising nor judging. .

Just came up with the whole “CONNECT” idea after lovely evening classes last night. .

Do you feel connection during yoga practice? in your life?

Let me know what you think!
Don’t forget to book your space on Sunday 24th Sep Strala workshop “Breath & Body” with Noz







Strala Workshop “Follow the Intuition”

Hi there!

I am organising Strala workshop “Follow the Intuition” by Noz on Sunday 10th of December at Heathbrook Fitness in Kingswinford.

Previous workshop I did “MOVE with EASE” which leads you to be able to move easier from one pose to the other, and “Breath & Body” now you know the breath is our fuel, you have already activated your awareness of breathing. I have received great feed back from both of the workshops. “Find much easier moving with ease”, “Noticed when I’m in a challenging pose, I stop breathing! but now I know the breath helps me to move easier!”

This time, I am going to talk about “Follow the Intuition”.  Do you trust yourself? Do you listen how you are feeling? If you follow your intuition, many things become easier. Have you ever had a kind of experience like made a decision which it wasn’t your first choice, your gut telling you otherwise. That is the intuition. You have thought “Ugh I should have listened my gut!”. During yoga practice, we learn how to listen our inner voice. If you follow your intuition, you can move easily and feel better!

Even if you missed other workshops, that’s okay. You can still enjoy this workshop.

Also 1 hour Strala class is inclusive.

After the workshop, you will become better listner of your inner voice. Follow your intuition makes better decisions. It will help yoga practice better as you move with kindness to your body, have agreement with your movement.

Ticket via Eventbrite:

If you would like to do banktranfer drop me an email.

I am very looking forward to seeing you all there!

Be yourself, be happy.


Expand Comfortable Zone


When you see the title, what did you imagine? How did you feel?
Did it remind you when you were young, training some sorts of sports after school? Work hard to get wherever you want to be? Overtime working? Almost stressed out? Then you will expand your comfortable zone, finally?

I used to feel that way. “No pain, no gain”. Do you or did you enjoy the process? Do you or did you have fun through the whole journey? I certainly did not enjoy nor had fun (maybe I did sometime but not all the time).

One of the Strala philosophy, we believe that we can expand our comfortable zone without pain nor cry. I have experienced that too.

I am not preaching here to change your beliefs. Just wanted to let you know there’s another choice. Options are “listening how you feel and work with your whole self” or “no pain, no gain” you pick.

In Strala yoga, we listen how we feel in each poses. Everyday is different, every time is different, so listen carefully. Simply exploring and discovering within your comfortable places and poses. One day you might be able to do another variation. From your comfortable zone, gently expand your space, and plus you can enjoy the whole process!

If you have never tried yoga before, but you are interested in, come and join me “Introduction of Strala yoga” at Bee yoga in Hedgley on Sunday 30th July. (detail from event page) £15/person








Looking forward to seeing you all on the mat!

Be yourseld, be happy.

Nozomi Smith

Introduction of Strala Yoga

Do you want to try yoga that moves far beyond poses, helping you blow past your goals and get into your dreams. It’s a freedom flow that expands your limits and cracks you wide open. You reveal your radiantly inspiring self.

If your ansewer is YES, come and join me.

Strala is a way of being, moving and healing, that helps people connect with how they feel, move how it feels good, and handle challenges with ease.

Even if you have never done yoga before, thats absolutely fine. Let’s have some fun together! Never done Strala yoga? No worries, I will talk you through to be able to move however it feels great for you.

Venue : Bee Yoga in Sedgley

Adress : Suite One, Penny Farthing Arcade, High Street,  Sedgley, DY3 1RW

Price : £15/person

Send Me Mail to keep your spot!

Payment : Eventbrite, Bank Transfer, or Pay at the entrance



I have been trying to write about this but the life gets in the way, hayho I am writing now.

I saw a car dealer advert on tv, it says “what’s the value of machine, if it doesn’t connect us”. Well I thought “what’s the value of US, if we don’t connect us?”

Do you feel connect with yourself? Have you ever asked? During the yoga classes I guide, I normally mention few times. “Reconnect with your breath, reconnect with yourself”.  When you feel connected with yourself, you feel amazing! You feel comfortable, you feel calm. On the other hand, you feel stressed, uncomfortable, and sometimes even angry when you are disconnected. Have you ever had that kind of experience?

So what do you do if you notice you are disconnected? It’s simple, take a deep breath. Bring back to yourself, bring back to your breath. Now you are reconnected.

Through yoga practice, I feel connected with myself more and more. If I don’t practice, feel sluggish, rubbish, disconnected. My aim is serve and help people to reconnect with themselves through yoga classes I guide.

I have 7 classes/week in Stourbridge. Have a look class timetable. Also there’s workshop on Sunday 25th June at heathbrook fitness. Let’s enjoy moving with ease.










Be yourself, be happy.



Strala workshop “MOVE with EASE” by Noz

Hi there!

I am going to do Strala workshop “MOVE with EASE” by Noz on Sunday 25th of June at Heathbrook Fitness in Kingswinford.

Every classes I guide, I see many of my friends struggling in little bit of challenge poses. I always feel “I want to guide through little bit more, deeper” but in a class, we don’t have enough time. So why not doing workshop!!

I’m going to talk about Strala way of “MOVE with EASE”.  I will breakdown how we could move more easily, how to move with our breath through the workshop (including 1 hour Strala  BASICS class *not hot yoga).

After the workshop, you will be able to MOVE with EASE during yoga classes, in some challenging poses, even in your normal life. You will activate your self awareness. You will know how to move with your breath which will help improving your yoga practice.

Please book your ticket via Eventbrite

OR Bank Tranfer Send Me Mail

I am very looking forward to seeing you all there!

Be yourself, be happy.


Balance is the KEY


Do you feel balanced?? Are you comfortable with yourself?

I sometime feel not balanced (let’s be honest), but mostly comfortable with myself.

Some of my friends will tell you that I am very straight forward person, sometime too straight, according to Liz.

So I am most of the time comfortable being myself. Of course sometime struggle but luckily I have great husband who always support me, my family, and lovely friends who always give me great vibes, positive energy.

Well, to help keeping balance in this hectic life, I do love practicing balance poses like tree pose, dancer pose, anything with balance. I’ve been saying that but all yoga poses are required balance, aren’t they? Important thing is it’s not only pose, OUR MIND.  During yoga practice, our mind supposed to be calm and focus, plus FUN and simply BEING with Strala yoga. I always feel like I did meditation after Strala yoga as we focus moving how we feel good, move with  our breath, and re-connect with ourselves. My mind become clearer, refreshing, and happier. Yes that’s how I keep balance.

If you never tried yoga, please do. There are so many different type of yoga out there! You will be able to find YOUR kind of yoga. Just give it a go to help keeping balance, healthy mind, and getting comfortable with yourself.

Do you have any favourite yoga? to keep your balance? Any tips?  Leave some comments 😉

突然ですが,バランス取れてますか? 友達といる時,もしくは他人と一緒にいる時,自分自身で居られますか?自分自身でいることは快適ですか?




お気に入りのヨガはなんですか?どうやってバランス保ってますか?オススメがあったら教えてください ♪

Be happy, be yourself.



Hello friends!

Daddy blog by Mike Taylor

I took this screenshot from Strala yoga Daddy Blog by Mike Taylor.

Since I met Strala yoga, I have explored so many things about me, expanding so many different way and directions which I could have not imagined what I have achieved, where I am, and who I am now. (of course some help by Pete aka my hubby)

I went to walk with my lovely friend Liz by the Birmingham canal this morning. We talked a lot about us, how we doing, what we want to do…etc… we talked like 5 hours!! (hahaha girls can talk forever, can’t they?)

I always feel like I am preaching religious things when I talk about Strala way of Living which I totally not mean to, but seeing many friends and people struggling in any situation (include me!) always remembering “Take a deep breath” “Soften”. It actually helps all the time.

As in Strala way, we believe we don’t have to struggle, we don’t have to cry to achieve our goal, we can have fun in the process, enjoy and take time, and we can pass the goal with ease, even go further beyond with less effort.

So, there is an option.

A. As we were taught when we were child, you have to put yourself in uncomfortable zone, have to struggle, and cry hard, harder than anyone else, then you can reach your goal in agony, and exhaustion (of course you will feel rewarding).

B. In your comfortable zone, slowly explore and expand your zone, listening and checking in how you feel, with ease and having fun, enjoy the time, then you reach your goal or beyond with happiness, and great feeling.

Which option are you going to take? I know it sounds too good to be true, right? but it is true, I am experiencing through my life. I am not trying to convince you, but at least give it a go!

Well, I am not gonna keep you long way from here!

I always say “Through the Strala yoga class I guide, I am just being myself. Enjoy spending the time together in the room”. I want to serve and help people to connect and reconnect with themselves through the yoga class. If I could be a help, I am happiest person in the whole world.


トップのイメージはストラーラヨガのダディーブログ by マイクをスクリーンショット。『デッカいアドベンチャーに行く時は、探検する楽しさと発見することの面白さを忘れずに。何が良い感じで、どう適応できるか、どんな風に進化できるかをいろいろ試してみて』って感じかなぁ。






A. 小さい頃に教えられたように「努力を惜しむな。目標に辿り着けるように苦労しろ。進化するために心地いい場所から離れろ」の教訓を習い、努力に努力を重ねて、やっとの思いと疲労困憊しながら目標地点にたどり着く。(すごい達成感ですよね)

B. 心地いい場所にいながら少しずつ発見&探検しながら自分の心地よい場所を広げつつ、その過程を楽しみつつも、自分自身と相談しながら、適応しながら、進化しながら、いつの間にやら目的地点あっという間に過ぎてた!ワォ!

あなたはどちらを選びますか?B とは思いつつも「現実と思うにはあまりにも良すぎる」感じですか?私は自分自身で体験しているので本当にそう思っています。説得や確信させるつもりなんて全くありませんが、ぜひ試してみてください。



morning walk by the canal in Birmingham

Be yourself, be happy.