Strala Workshop “Follow the Intuition”

Hi there!

I am organising Strala workshop “Follow the Intuition” by Noz on Sunday 10th of December at Heathbrook Fitness in Kingswinford.

Last couple of times I did workshop “MOVE with EASE” which leads you to be able to move easier from one pose to the other, and “Breath & Body” now you know the breath is our fuel, you have already activated your awareness of breathing. I have received great feed back from both of the workshops. “Find much easier moving with ease”, “Noticed when I’m in a challenging pose, I stop breathing! but now I know the breath helps me to move easier!”

This time, I am going to talk about “Follow the Intuition”.  Do you trust yourself? Do you listen how you are feeling? If you follow your intuition, many things become easier. Have you ever had a kind of experience like made a decision which it wasn’t your first choice, your gut telling you otherwise. That is the intuition. You have thought “Ugh I should have listened my gut!”. During yoga practice, we learn how to listen our inner voice. If you follow your intuition, you can move easily and feel better!

Even if you missed other workshops, that’s okay. You can still enjoy this workshop.

Also 1 hour Strala class is inclusive.

After the workshop, you will become better listner of your inner voice. Follow your intuition makes better decisions. It will help yoga practice better as you move with kindness to your body, have agreement with your movement.

Ticket via Eventbrite:

If you would like to do banktranfer drop me an email.


I am very looking forward to seeing you all there!

Be yourself, be happy.