Class Description


This class is designed to invigorate your body and mind while resting your attention calmly on your breath. When you’re done, you will feel awake, revitalised, and super creative! There are few challenging movements in the routine, so remember to keep things easy in your body and back off if something doesn’t feel great for you. Everyday feels different, every time feels different, let’s simply listen how your body feel. Breathe deeply and enjoy!

Strala RELAX

This class is designed to de-stress your whole self, dissolving tension as you move easily through the flow with your breath.

You will feel soften, relaxed, and calm.

This class will lead you to have better sleep!


This class is designed to get you comfortable moving in your body in an easy going way, while evenly building strength and a healthy range of motion, all the while resting your attention calmly on your breath. This class is great if you are just getting started with your practice or if you feel like a simple flow to get back to basics. Let’s enjoy the ride!


This class is designed to bring awareness and strengthen your core. You will be moving in all directions to work every area of your middle, building strength and the ability to move more easily and naturally. Stay with your breath, and allow your body and mind to relax as you move. Use only the energy you need to get through the movements. Try this class a few times a month to gain a nice range of motion and ease of body and mind.


Restorative yoga is the yoga of deep rest and healing, designed purely to relax. Don’t worry about stretching nor not be able to do any poses. Simply relaxing. Long hold in all poses but don’t worry! fully supported by props. The challenge becomes more about the mind than the body as we learn to be still, to calm the thought waves of the mind and rest deeply.

We all need to look after ourselves to be able to take care of the others.